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Woven Wire Mesh (both square/rectangle) is made by Galvanized Iron, Stainless Steel, Brass, PB, Copper & Spring Steel wires. They are ideal for Filteration, Chemical Industries, Steel Plants, Collieries, Fertilizers Plants., etc. We offer full range of wire mesh in all metals as per your requirements.

Available in standard Roll width of 3Ft, 1Mtr, 4Ft and as per customers' requirements


Crimped / Double Crimped Wire Mesh are of heaviest quality and accurate mesh which are made by spring Steel, Carbon Steel, High Tensile Steel Wires in different wire diameters generally used for screening, Mines, Quary Industries, Fabrication work etc. The perfect crimping insures the wire lock firmly together at the intersections. The Opening and extra crimping is important. We provide the Mesh with extra locking & tightness for less thickness wires.

Available in standard Roll width of 3Ft, 1Mtr, 4Ft and as per customers' requirements


Stainless Steel Wire Mesh are manufactured in both Square & Rectangle openings for different uses. We offer these Stainless Steel Wire Cloth in a wide range of opening on configuration of wire thickness in different types of weaving such as Plain Weave, Twill Weave, Plain Dutch Weave, Twill Dutch Weave etc.. Different types of weaving gives you different aperture & vary the texture from soft & fine to rigid. The Stainless Steel Cloth are usable under high pressure , high temperature, high tension and are giving you high durability. We have wide range of ready stock.

Available in standard Roll width of 3Ft, 1Mtr, 4Ft and as per customers' requirements


Welded Wire Mesh is manufactured with Mild Steel Black Wires, Galvanized Iron Wire and Stainless Wires up to 2.50Mtr. width and 15.24Mtrs in length. Different sizes & in different thickness are also made to orders for concrete reinforcement Poultry Farms etc. Welded Wire Mesh is extensively used for fabrication and are being manufactured with spacing and wire diameters sutable for diffrent users for Backing Mesh, Demister pads, safety, Chemical Process Filters. The other use of the Welded Wire Mesh are Fencing, Window Grills, Partitions, Compound Walls, Guards for Electric Motors , Poultry Cages etc.

Available in standrad Roll width of 3Ft, 4Ft, 5Ft, 6Ft, and as per customers' requirements


Perforated Sheets are made out of Stainless Steel , Mild Steel (MS), Carbon Steel, Brass & Alumunium sheets in sizes of 8' x 4', 8' x 3' or sizes as per client's requirements – having Round, Rectangular, Hexagonal and quare Holes that are generally used in Rice mills, paper Mills Sugar Mills, Food Processing, Agriculture & Engineering sector with many other uses. We have a wide range of ready stock in Perforated Sheets in Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Galvanized Iron, Alumunium, Brass etc. We can also provide all types of Perforated Sheets in all metals as per your specifications.

Available in standard sheet size is if 3' x 8' , 4' x 8' abd fir ub 3Ft, 1Mtr, width 4' x 8' and as per Customers requirements


Mosquito & Fly proof mesh are generally used for domestic purpose at houses, apartments etc. These Mesh are available in different metal like Stainless Steel, Galvanized Iron , Alumunium and also in Plastic or Nylon, PVC etc. These Meshes are available as per MES, CPWD, ISI & other Government specifications. Also available different colors in Galvanised Iron and Plastic Mosquito Mesh.

Available in standard Roll width of 3Ft, 4Ft, 5Ft and as per customers' requirements


Expanded Metals are available in Mild Steel (MS), Alumunium, Galvanized Iron & Stainless Steel of fine to biggest holes and in different thickness, widths & strands etc. They are supplied in different sizes & widths. Flattened Expanded Metals are also available. These expanded Metals are generally used for filtration purpose in bulk with many other applications like covering for security, designs, partitions, covering industrial machines & motors etc. we have a wide range in ready stock.

Available in standard Roll width from 3Ft upto 8Ft width and as per customers' requirements


Chainlink Fencing is manufactured with Galvanized Iron (GI) , PVC coated GI or MS, Stainless Steel wires in different thickness in any height & length as per client's requirement. Opening will be ideal for fencing in Gardens, Factories, Dairy Farms, Poultry Farms, Dams & Projects, Tea & Coffee Gardens, Protection bank of rivers, Guards of Electric Motors etc. We can provide you Chainlink Mesh in different opening & thickness as per your requirement in a very short period.

Available in width and length of customer Specification with different openings and wire diameters.


Hexagonal Wire Netting or Chicken Mesh is manufactured by Galvanized Iron , Stainless Steel and Mild Steel wires in sizes of opening from 12mm to 40mm.These Chicken Mesh are made by 18 Gauge to 28 Gauge wire for different applications from 90cms width to 270cms width ( 3' width to 9' width) and in length of 15 Mtrs. To 45 Mtrs. Hexagonal Wire Netting / Chicken Mesh are ideal for different applications such as Poultry Farms , Cement Factories, insulation & concrete purposes etc.

Available in standard Roll width from 3Ft, upto 9Ft in different openings and wire diameters


Wire conveyor Belts are manufactured out of Stainless Steel, Spring Steel, Mild Steel & Galvanized Iron wires at any length & width as per client's requirement. These Conveyor belts are of different types such as Gratex, Duplex, Balanced or Double Balanced. They are widely used for different types of industrial applications like Food Processing Industries for washing, drying, cooling , freezing, depalletizing etc. with many other applications as annealing, enameling, heat treatments, calcimining etc.

Available asper Customers Specifications


Vibrating & Heavy Industrial screens are manufactured with clamps on either sides which are made by Spring Steel, High Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Galvanized Iron & Mild Steel Wire as per client's required sizes and are manufactured with providing High tensile abrasion resistant being mainly used in mines & quarry industries, coal mines, foundries, heat treatment & waste management etc. These Heavy / Vibrating Screens are also generally used for screening of various products & sizing or processing heavy abrasive materials like ores, crushed stones, sand, gravel coal etc.

Available as per customers' requirements and Specifications.


Test sieves one being manufactured with stainlensteel wire mesh and Brass Frames in 200mm dia, very accurate meshes are used from very fine mesh to bigger openings.these test sieves are manufactured for various purpouses like house hold or industrial usage with Indian standards. these are very cost effective and durabel for different applic.


We are dealer for "TATA" make G.I. wire. G.I. wire are available in 1mm diameter and upto 5mm in different Galvaned Quality are weiate convertina wire is manufature using a anmal razor sharp barbs is machine crimped. concertina wire is very strong and renfored with a sted will which makes is very land to bend while the barbes has a pireing and gripping action Generally used fro fencing borders, compond walls for security purpose.


We are dealer for "TATA" make G.I. Barbed wire. G.I. Barbed wire are manufactured by twisting together two line wires one or both containous are barbs. The barbs are so finished that the tour points are set located or locked as far as possible at right angles to each other these are widely used for fency purpose for lands, field or ground, also for security puspose.